3 Tips for Getting Great Rates on Airport Transportation

September 11th, 2013

When you travel, there are plenty of things to think about and plan. An important part of those plans includes your transportation to and from the airport. While you have many choices available, not all of them will offer the same service for a similar price. Traveling can be expensive, so saving money where possible is essential.

Here are several tips to help you take advantage of airport transportation without breaking the proverbial bank.

Compare and Save on Airport Car Rentals

There are plenty of car rental companies, but their rates and services can vary greatly. In addition, not all rental companies offer the same level of discounts or discount programs. To save on your car rental bill for airport transportation, do your research ahead of time on all the companies that serve the airports you use most frequently.

In addition, you can save big by booking car rentals during the off-season, which is generally any time except summer and winter months. If you use credit cards, ask your card providers what car rental discounts they offer. Likewise, if you are a member of a professional organization, chances are they may have discount arrangements with car rental companies.

To research car rental companies that serve Canadian provinces and territories, visit Destination360.com to compare rates, special programs, and availability.

By choosing a limousine, you can ride to and from your destination in style.

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Limos Offer a Stylish – and Affordable – Ride

If you’re looking for a more luxurious and comfortable way to get to and from the airport, a limousine service may be the right choice for you. To search for limo service available throughout Canada, visit the LimoPros website .

To take advantage of extra savings, ask about discounts for shared ride services and be clear about avoiding any additional services the company may try to tack on to your bill. Secure corporate discounts or ask about frequent user programs, as they can vary depending on the company.

Airport shuttles offers corporate discounts and frequent user discounts.

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Take Advantage of Airport Shuttles

One of the most common ways to get to and from an airport is using an airport shuttle. There are many companies that provide this service, and their rates can vary. To save money on transportation shuttles, it’s best to sign up a Frequent Rider Program or a corporate account.

With a corporate account, you will qualify for ongoing discounts and also be able to sign up for billing and expenditure reports. In addition, most shuttle companies do not charge anything to open a corporate account, and they cater to businesses of all sizes, from smaller companies to larger corporations. Many shuttle services also provide custom reservation options as well.

When you sign up for a Frequent Rider Program, you’ll also get bonus perks.

For example, GO Airport Shuttles , which services 68 airports worldwide, offers a plan where passengers earn one mile through the American Airlines AAdvantage or United MileagePlus programs for every dollar they spend.

To find out which shuttle companies service airports in various provinces and territories, check out the Canada Airport Shuttle Transportation website. You can also select a specific metro area, such as Toronto, Winnipeg, or Montreal.

When it comes to securing transportation at the airport, there are many options. Regardless of which option you choose, there are ways to save money to make your trip as smooth and affordable as possible.

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